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My calendar is fully booked

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Added a new calendar for 2017 but it is fully booked no matter what i try.
I did change the propertycode in my article but without result
closed with the note: Thanks it works now
asked Jan 2, 2017 by venga1511 (120 points)
closed Jan 4, 2017 by venga1511

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Hi Venga,

I looked at your problem.  You have created a calendar called 2017 and deleted the one for 2016.  In your joomla site, you need to change 2016 property code to 2017 as well.

{booking property,2016} to {booking property,2017}

The other solution is to rename your calendar from 2017 to 2016.

Since you have deleted 2016? you have lost all your booking information and client emails.  There is no need to delete calendars.  Just simply add in your new prices and make a calendar last forever.

I hope this helps,

- Chuck

answered Jan 3, 2017 by Chuck (1,790 points)
I did try to change the property code on my joomla site yesterday (2017) that is how i got the fully booked calendar (all dates marked in red)
Changed it back to 2016 and renamed the calendar from 2017 to 2016. Doesn't work either.
Hi Venga,

You seem to have 3 accounts,
* venga
* venga1
* venga1511

your joomla entry seems to be referencing the venga account.  Change your account name in the joomla site to be venga1511 and that should fix your problem.