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Booking Wizard, commission free, cloud-based, automatic,
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Welcome to the Booking Wizard.

The booking wizard online booking system is ideal for use with:

  • holiday home bookings
  • mobile home/RV
  • Bed and Breakfast

Here you can find out how to harness our online booking system for your website.  Check out the demonstrations and examples on how the Web Widgets can easily be added into your existing website.

We can cater for:

  • Property owners who have individual subscribers who look after their own properties.
  • Individuals who just want their own Booking Facility for their own website.
  • Brokers who handle all the bookings and operate on a commission basis.

booking wizardDemonstration booking modes: 

Booking View Sheet:

Other facilities:

The System facilitates:

  • Book on-line and in real time
  • Provisional or Confirmed booking requests
  • Automatic payment tracking
  • Instant pricing
  • Instant email notification
  • Automatic calendar update
  • Add/Remove bookings

Try our live demo below

  • Owner made bookings
  • View all bookings in time Order
  • View all bookings in Reference Order
  • Notification by SMS to your mobile phone
  • Works in Spanish, French, Dutch, Italian, German and many more languages using google translate
  • Configure for weekly only bookings
  • Add extras / supplements / discounts
  • Configure different rates; summer / winter / special
  • Fits nicely into any webside as a cloud enabled widget
  • Optional Payments integration to the payment provider of your or your client's choice (PayPal, Protx, etc)
  • Instant payment notification IPN (This confirms a payment from paypal by your client)
  • Instant booking notification IBN (This confirms a valid booking request, can be used to add extra programming hooks)
  • Download all bookings in CSV format (suitable for MS Excel, Openoffice, etc.)
  • Fully configure the booking information and pricing per individual property